New York has a new kind of working mother.  Boarding public transit as early 3 am, these super commuters (called bus buddies) spend almost as long getting to and from work than they do actually at work.  They commute upwards of 6 hours a day, spending at least a  month of their entire lives crammed in with their fellow travelers.

I’ve been exposed to New York’s public transit.  (I was just there last week, actually.)   These women deserve medals. And inoculations.  Buses and trains are loaded with germs, loud and smelly vagrants and the splattered evidence of drunken antics from the night before.  Gross.

I am not a working mother.  I can easily wake up at 8:15, brush my teeth, grab some coffee and be out the door by 8:22.  Lunch boxes, diapers and carpools are simply not yet in my vocabulary.

This morning, I thought I’d capitalize on my lack of responsibility and take the trails, capture the images of my morning commute to 12A Funston Avenue.

Welcome to life working in the Presidio.


There are a handful of different trails that will eventually plop me out front of my office building.  Today, I chose the Ecology Trail.  The Ecology Trail is just one of the winding footpaths interwoven into San Francisco’s Presidio.   Meandering through a mile and a half of redwood forest and a wildflower grasslands,  I had to keep stopping for Polaroid moments like the ones below:



Inspiration Point

rush hour?


Sweeping views of the Bay were set to a soundtrack of singing birds and zipping bees.  Reminders of Spring time are everywhere.  Continuing on, I entered the cool shade of the forest and treaded through the thick mud underneath my feet.


road block

Aside from a few early morning joggers and their furry friends, I had the trail to myself .  This may have been my most relaxing “commute” to date.  I’m looking forward to beating the traffic home, too.

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One thought on “Commuting

  1. Wow. I wish all commutes were that beautiful!

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