20 questions with our newest member Jess Smith

Last week, OusidePR announced the addition of our new Account Manager, Jess Smith. Joining us after living in Whistler, BC the majority of her life, Jess’s active nature and enthusiasm for the outdoors meshes perfectly with the OutsidePR philosophy.

Born in Australia to Canadian parents, this nomadic world traveler has spent numerous years fully immersed in the PR, communications and marketing world. She previously served as a Brand Marketing Manager for adventure-travel start-up ZOZI and as a Communications Manager for the World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler. Her adventurous spirit is evident through her passion for CrossFit, skiing, running, climbing, yoga and travel. Out of the office Jess can most commonly be seen running across the Golden Gate Bridge, hitting the slopes, or enjoying a cold local beer after one of her many activities.

Lets find out more about our spirited new member with 20 random questions:


1)  Most impressive athletic achievement or most extreme sporting feat?

This is a throw-back but I co-captained (with my best-friend) my high school track team to an all out victory across all ages for the female team in my senior year. I was so proud of my athletes performances, their perseverance and the camaraderie.

Recently, in one year, I did my first deep-water solo climb to a 50ft jump, skied the Couloir Extreme on Whistler, did my first skydive, learned to free-dive, and ran my 2nd half-marathon. There’s still lots more to do but that was a fun one.

Jess deep-water solo climbing before the big jump

2)  Of all the places you lived, which was your favorite and/or where do you see yourself in the future?

Ooh, great question, but I don’t have a succinct answer for that one. I’ve traveled extensively in Europe, lived in Australia, Scotland, Canada, the States, visited India, Mexico and Thailand, and honestly, I can’t tell you where I love most or where I’m meant to be. Perhaps I haven’t even been there yet! I am lucky to be able to travel a bit with Outside PR and I’d definitely like to be able to keep traveling with my work in the future, who knows what it holds!

3)  What was the best trip you have been on?

Thailand was incredible, I am desperate to go back to South East Asia and really see the bare bones of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, etc

4)  3 celebrities you could go out with for a night?

Will Smith – Fresh Prince of Bel Air era

Ingrid Backstrom – She rips

Bill Murray – no justification needed

5)  Do you have any hidden talents?

I won synchronized swimming competitions when I was 13, I can highland and hip-hop dance, I used to be a Wine Director and have my level 1 wine cert (this basically just means I’m qualified to drink), I’m alright at public speaking (if it’s something I’m passionate about), I’m pretty good at legless rope climbs, burpees and being upside-down. Man, these are useless talents…


6)  What do you like most about the PR world?

The passionate, invested team I work with. Besides being super bad-ass at a multitude of sports and life in general, they’re inspiring and hard-working. I also really love working with our clients and I adore the media relations portion of PR, that’s the social butterfly in me coming out.

7)  Guilty pleasure movie or song

Love Actually is my favorite movie. Mainly because I love Christmas, Bill Nye, Hugh Grant and British films. I have so many guilty songs that it would be social suicide to admit them. You’ll get an indication below..

8)  New sport or activity you want to get in to/start

Triathlons, casual pole-dancing (for the pure athletic and gymnastics components, of course), mountain biking

9)  What is the funniest thing that happened to you recently?

I was sitting in a cafe in Pacific Heights, emailing on my iPad, eating Quinoa Toast with organic honey butter and drinking a kale ginger smoothie, when I flicked some smoothie into my eye. It stung so bad and I quickly went from well put-together and health-conscious lady to eye-watering disheveled hipster wannabe. Not my finest moment and made me realize how difficult it is to be cool.

10)  What are some of the places people guess you are from (based on your accent)?

New Zealand is a top one, and I don’t mind that at all because Kiwi’s are bad-ass. I also get South Africa but the most common one is; “I have no idea where you’re from.. What IS that accent?”

11)  What is your biggest pet peeve?

Slow walkers and poor communicators.

12)  What did you like about ZOZI? Or what you gained most?

Great work experience in a larger start-up environment. I made great connections and it was an interesting and diverse working environment. I’m excited to see where the company goes!

13)  Any big projects you accomplished/enjoyed working on?

The 12 Days of Adventure giveaway was a super intense but very rewarding sweepstakes to coordinate.

14)  What song do you sing when nobody else is around? Or what would you sing on American Idol?

I’m a god-awful singer so American Idol is out of the question, but I’ll sing anything really. I know all the words to “Baby Got Back” so I definitely whip that out every so often. Oh, geez, “Eye of the Tiger” too. Classic.

15)  3 things you would bring to a desert island?

GU Energy! A knife (Crocodile Dundee style) and a water filter.

16)  Most embarrassing moment?

I’ve lost my top a bunch of times in the surf and jumping into the water, but it happens so often it’s not that embarrassing anymore. Most other moments are probably not suitable for public consumption.

17)  Drink of choice at a bar?

Classy night: Red wine

Not so classy night: Vodka grapefruit

Apres: Beer and Caesars

18)  Favorite Aussie saying?

“Bloody oath, mate”. Translation: “That’s the truth, friend”.

But really, I don’t speak Australian anymore.

19)  Who is your celebrity crush?

Rory Bushfield. James Franco. There’s more but I don’t want to bore you.

20)  What do you like/dislike about moving to San Francisco?

LOVE the environment here. The synergy between city-scape and outdoors space is electric and you have so many choices of things to do, see, feel, experience here. It’s a great mid-way place for me, after living in the mountains but wanting a city-feel, without leaving the great outdoors behind. The rent situation is rather yuk, but I have no problem with sleeping in the office if it comes to that.

All in all, I adore San Francisco for the diverse culture, interesting people, incredible history and beautiful views.

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One thought on “20 questions with our newest member Jess Smith

  1. Always good to have some Canuck influence, even for a great company like OutsidePR! Congrats!

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