Secrets from the big man behind the reports

The most crucial cog in any PR agency wheel is the often un-sung, less than glamorous account coordinator position.  Responsible for endless spreadsheets, media reports, and constantly knee deep in shipping requests, this person carries the tedious torch of metephorically (and sometimes physically) doing quick feet until one of us shouts, “Can you send me a list of (insert any brand here) hits for the month of February?!” or “Can you put together a shipment of GU for (insert editor here) – you’ll have you figure out the mailing address!”

Fortunately, here at OutsidePR, we’ve managed to acquire one who not only does all of the above, but can dunk a basketball, surf a mean break at Ocean Beach and knows all the lyrics to most, nay, all Beyonce songs.

Friends, family and colleagues, meet our main man and account coordinator, Alex Ryan.

Rob Stark

Alex rockin’ the Game of Thrones look

A recent grad of University of Oregon (GO DUCKS!), Alex was born and raised just north of Sausalito in beautiful San Anselmo where his family still resides.  A jock from the word go, Alex grew up playing basketball and surfing the numerous breaks along the Northern California coast.  When he’s not jamming boxes full of Road ID’s and Pearl Izumi, he’s coaching basketball, getting barreled or escaping to Cal Poly or Oregon to visit friends.


In hopes to peel back the onion and find out more about our 6’4″ Roger Federer look-alike, we interviewed Alex to find out what really makes the master of all things google drive tick.

Q: What is your sport of choice?
A: My sport of choice would definitely be basketball. That answer has been the same ever since I could talk. I have played it all my life and I have coached for the last six years. Over the last few years I have really become more of a runner and I keep surprising myself by how much I am starting to enjoy it.
Q: Where is your happy place? And what are you doing in your happy place?
A: Without any doubt my happy place is the beach. I usually surf a couple times a week, everyday if I am lucky (It helps that the OutsidePR office is so close to Cronkhite). Whether I am with a group of friends or by myself, I always enjoy being in the water if the conditions are decent.
Q: What is the best part of working at OutsidePR?
A: The best part of working at OutsidePR is that I am able to work in the sports industry. Sports has been my predominant passion my whole life and I am very lucky to be in an industry that I am so interested in. Along with that, I really love how it is always encouraged to be more active in our daily lives.
Q: What is the worst?
A: The worst part about working here is that I am the worst runner here. I thought I was pretty fit until I started here.
Q: Favorite outdoor brand?
A: My favorite outdoor brand would be Patagonia. I love their apparel (especially my wetsuit), but also all the environmental work they do.
Q: If you had to trade places with a rapper for a day, who would it be?
A: I would definitely switch places with Macklemore because he just always seems to be having fun doing whatever he does.
Q: Guilty pleasure song you’d turn up if alone in a car but turn off if you had someone riding with you?
A: Mostly anything Beyonce, so right now “Drunk In Love” is a favorite of mine.
Q: Do you have any hidden talents?
A: My hidden talent is that I am great with little kids. I actually started as an education major at the University of Oregon and switched to business.
Q: What exotic pet would you like to have?
A: If I could have and exotic pet I’d have a spider monkey. Kind of like the one in Hangover 2, but not for doing drug deals.
Q: What’s it like growing up with all sisters?
A: I have seen way too many chic flicks, but I usually get out of doing the dishes.
Q: What movie can you quote word for word?
A: Space Jam. Its kind of embarrassing how many times I have seen it.
Q: Favorite quote or words to live by?
A: The quote I have started to live by more was taped on my desk here before I started here and really fits the OutsidePR lifestyle, “Life is about experiencing all the things you find interesting and fascinating. Just get out there and experience as much as you can. Participate in life.”

-Louie Zamperini
So there you have it.  If you need a good babysitter, information on the best NorCal surf break or someone to do a Crazy in Love duet with you…come see our boy Alex!
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