See Ya, Surf-face: Scott and Lobstapot South of the Border

Happy New Year, OPR friends and adoring fans! (Don’t you laugh, haters; they do exist.)

We’re kicking off 2013 with a fond farewell and an invitation to adventure. Sad news first: Beloved OPR Account Executive and Resident Bodhi, Scott Surface, has left the building. Not for greener pastures, but for bluer waters: he’s on a multi-month, seriously badass surf journey south of the border. Our dear Surf-face took off for Nicaragua Jan. 9, and is currently kickin’ it with the locals and the occasional German tourist in the small surf town of Playa Gigante. Keep up with his adventures on his blog, Lobstapot.


Scotty surfing at Playa Amarillo, giving the folks at home a board’s-eye view. Dig that sunset.

After we got drunk and smashed a cat pinata in his honor (pictures or it didn’t happen? BOOM), we attempted to articulate just why Scott is so special. Here’s our tribute. You’ll laugh; you’ll cry; you’ll grab a surfboard and head for the horizon. We hope you’ll also feel inspired to share your favorite Scott stories in the comments.

Gordon Wright, OutsidePR President

I miss Scott like I’m missing a limb.  A hairy, surf-bleached and very athletic limb.  What people don’t know about Scott is that he put in a few extended periods of serving as a Manny for my two teenage sons, Will and Griff, who idolize him.  One day, they were all out surfing, and some older teenager started hassling Will and Griff.  It got a bit heated, to the point where my sons were invited to paddle in to shore to “take a beating.”  Hearing the commotion, Scott paddled placidly over, and defused the situation by noting that the dickhead teen would have to go through him first.  Scott Surface: Line-up enforcer, PR savant, ambassador to the world.


Scott and Will, conquering the two-wheeled world

Devon Sibole, OPR Account Manager and Carpe Diemer

Scott is a colorful bundle of wonderful.  We met each other at a media agency in 2008 and became fast friends, eventually both landing jobs at OPR shortly thereafter.  For the past 5 years, Scotty has pretty much been my better half, helping to make work trips absolutely hilarious and incredibly enjoyable. Outside of work, he’s even more magical.  From impromptu dance parties in the middle of Highway 1 and toga country line dancing to tent high-jumping and getting weird in Salt Lake City, Scotty has played such a huge and FUN part of my life.  Miss ya, buddy!


Devon and Scott, sporting their bestest vestests. (Apparently, Scott was feelin’ the sleeveless Sasquatch look.)

Jenny Radloff, OPR Account Manager and Resident Redhead

When I think of Scott the first thing that pops to mind is the day I met him.  Bounding down the stairs of the old OPR headquarters in the Presidio, Scott greeted me with a big smile, eyes full of life and shiny hair (that always managed to make me jealous and self-conscious of my wild mane).  Relaxed, fun-loving and endlessly level-headed, from day one Scott was the calm in the wild crazy storm of OutsidePR that helped a newbie like me stay afloat.  Between his baby-sized feet and Grand Canyon-sized heart, Scott managed to make the ladies swoon (that shiny Justin Bieber hair slayed ’em) and the fellas love him.  Easy to laugh with and even easier to learn from, Scott always delivered a magical balance of bro and brains that made him a truly special cog in the OutsidePR wheel.

Jeff Howard, OPR Multimedia Meister and Snow Whisperer

As the resident pretty boy, Scott loved whooping over his blond hair and making sure his silver jewelry shined brightly.  On one cold November morning, Scott asked me to take a head shot for a magazine he was featured in.  I took some artistic liberties and this is the shot. It looks like he should have slept a little bit more and laid off the Norwegian Licorice before the photo shoot. Miss you buddy!



OPR bids Scott an alcohol-aided farewell. From left Devon, Gordon, Becca, Jenny, Jeff and the Soul Surfer himself.

Next week: New OPR cadet Becca says hello, and we relive the greatness of the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City. If you just can’t wait seven days for more OPR wit and wisdom, stalk us on the social medias:

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