A New Team Member!

Hello everyone!

My name is James, and I am lucky enough to be joining OUTSIDEPR this summer filling what I believe is the most prestigious and important position in any office: the summer intern.

I just want first of all to say hello, and to introduce myself a wee bit because I will be posting on this blog repeatedly throughout the next couple of months. So yes. Some really general facts about me…. I currently live and grew up in beautiful Larkspur, California after spending the first five years my life living in Lake Tahoe (more on Tahoe later). In the fall I will be a senior in college. I love to play rugby, and my favorite animal is the black bear (more on Bears later). My vice is In-n-Out Burger. That’s really all that comes to mind right now.

My favorite animal

my favorite eatery

Oh, and I like working at OutsidePR. This place is vibrant, close-knit, and productive. The level of excitement and passion for the work we are doing here has really blown me away. There’s still a big chunk of summer ahead, and I couldn’t be more excited to spend it here.

That’s all for now, more posts to come soon!



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