A Kick in the Seat and a New Bike Shop Resource

As 2011 came to a close, OutsidePR President Gordon Wright sent out the ever elusive “OutsidePR Corporate Memo”, plainly stating that it was time to step up our game.

No, this wasn’t a chastisement in the traditional sense of the work place, rather a reminder about the challenge he had proposed at the beginning of 2011.

The idea was that we are all decent athletes in our own right (you might remember our success at the Oakland Marathon relay, the OR Volley Ball Tournament, and my own podium finish at the Warrior Dash), yet we were all too pigeon-holed in the sports  that we feel most connect to, and it was time to branch out.

The bottom line was- we had failed.  I hadn’t pursued a trail race of either the bike or run variety, and I sure as hell hadn’t signed up for a 24 hour epic or triathlon in 2011.  My fellow co-workers hadn’t jettisoned their own comforts much either, and it was apparent that we needed a wake up call.

But hey, as any good leader would do, Gordon took the reigns and has slated himself to pursue his first Ironman.  I’m not sure about the whole leg shaving thing, but it should be fun to watch him struggle and sweat along the way.

As for me, I’m calling 2012 the year of the bike.  Not just any bike– a sweet, full-suspension, lightweight, trail romping mountain bike.

Yep, you guessed it, my MTB knowledge is pretty limited.  Beyond the Specialized Stumpjumper I don’t think I could name three frames that are worthy of taking to the trail.  My last new mountain bike was a teal Diamondback, probably made circa 1992.  Any bike after that was a hack job that I picked up at a yard sale or borrowed from a friends garage.

So lucky for me, there are professionals.

When it comes to buying a bike, your local bike shop is an invaluable resource for making an informed decision.  Not only can the seasoned mechanic/bike fanatic give you a clear understanding of the various options and functions of each bike and component, but the access to riding a bike before you purchase it so you can find a match that truly “feels” right, will ensure that you don’t buy wheels that leave you less than satisfied.

GreatBikeShops.com, a free online directory of over 6,000 bicycle shops across North America, has launched in December to help you navigate to these bike experts regardless of where you are.

“Local shops are at the heart of the bicycle riding community,” said Chris Greenwood, the creator of the web site. “Whether you’re looking to make a purchase, in need of a repair, or in search of a recommendation for some great trails, we connect you to someone who can help.”

So if you’re like me, and have been putting off getting the bike of your dreams, use the resources around you and get pedaling.  In this unusually mild winter it might be just the right investment to keep your body in shape and spirits up as we wait… and wait… and wait… for snow.

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2 thoughts on “A Kick in the Seat and a New Bike Shop Resource

  1. Awesome post. Wish you all the best for your new ventures in 2012! I know you guys can do it

    All the best,
    Brett Day

  2. DEVO

    Ill bike with ya Scotty. Great post!!

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