Our New Home

According to the Merriam-Weber Dictionary, one of the accepted definitions of the word jackpot reads as follows, “an impressive often unexpected success or reward.”  Which is exactly how I felt when I pulled up to Outside PR’s new digs last week to report for my first day of work.

Nestled in the beautiful Sausalito hillside and facing the bay with a sweet view of San Francisco, the new office location is a total “jackpot” on many levels.  And in the spirit of being an Italian and loving to make a long story longer, let’s go back to the beginning.

My first visit to the Outside PR team was when they were located in San Francisco and at that time when I pulled up to the old office in the Presidio I thought, “you gotta be kidding me – this location is killer.”  I had the pleasure of meeting most of the staff and quickly decided that not only was the location awesome, so were the people and so were their clients.  I wanted in…bad.

Fast forward three months and I’m standing, mouth agape in front of the new location…a place I actually get to go to everyday to report for work and one word came to my mind.  That’s right, jackpot.  This new office was the cherry topper on an already delectable treat I was anxious to bite into.  My mind was churning with visions of riding my bike to work along the bath path that runs through Mill Valley into Sausalito and coincidentally RIGHT past the office.  Or lacing up my running shoes and taking off up one of the numerous hills surrounding us for a much needed after work jaunt.  Heck, I could literally roll on my side from the office front door, down to the edge of the water and gaze at the city if my heart so desired, in less than ten minutes.  This location is that good.

View from the OutsidePR office

Again, say it with me, jackpot.

At this point it’d be easy to assume that once inside the building, the dreamy fun would end but alas, the good times continued to roll.  I was given the grand tour and found that this multi-level unit Outside PR calls home is both quaint and incredibly comfortable.  I had an urge to kick my boots off, lounge in a chair with my feet up on the desk but knew that being my first time in the place as an actual employee that probably wasn’t my best call.  Although I think with this particular group they may have not actually batted an eye but regardless, my feet stayed in my boots but my insides continued to soar and scream “JACKPOT!”

I was excited to see dogs get to come to work and that the office is littered with gear and magazine paraphernalia.  It’s clear that the company truly works as hard as they play and the new space certainly supports both.  More visions float through my head of strapping on some Pearl Izumi shoes and taking them for a spin in the neighborhood to test them out…in the name of research of course.

But seriously, this location is a dream come true for any outdoor enthusiast who likes an urban twist.  It seems to combine so many of the incredible elements the bay area offers for the active gal or man, with an office to come back to, likely covered in sweat and ready to work.  Stoke factor is high.

Now I realize this blog may be slightly nauseating to the reader as I’ve done nothing but brag about this killer office location.  I’d roll my eyes too.  But as a wide-eyed newbie to Outside PR, who is already pumped on the opportunity to simply work with such a great team and dork out on technical gear and such, this little office detail is truly the definition of jackpot – an impressive often unexpected success or reward.

–  Jenny Radloff, Outside PR Newbie

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One thought on “Our New Home

  1. Welcome Jenny – enjoying working together so far!

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