Doggelganger- Finding Your Perfect Adventure Companion

No matter how you look at it, there is no better pet to take along on an adventure than a dog.  Well, a trained hawk or rhino would be pretty sweet, but I think the logistics are a little more complicated.

If you’ve ever wondered what your perfect K9 mate would be, ponder no longer.  The Pedigree Adoption Drive down in New Zeland has teamed up with NEC Technology to develop a futuristic “human to canine pairing software” called Doggelganger.  This awesome application analyzes your face, piece by piece, and pairs you with your soul-mate pup.  If only we had endless acres and treats here at the OPR headquarters…

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One thought on “Doggelganger- Finding Your Perfect Adventure Companion

  1. I think my dogs might not like me checking out other dogs. They are fairly protective. 😉

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