Weekly Adventure Guide: Arroyo Seco “A Place Where the Beer Flows Like Wine”

The Gorge at Arroyo Seco
The Gorge at Arroyo Seco

Location:  Arroyo Seco is a campground located in Carmel Valley just out of Greenfield, CA, at an elevation of 900 feet.  Coming from the North on Highway 101 just through the town of Soledad, turn right onto Arroyo Seco Road. Go west on Arroyo Seco Road and fork left when the road splits; the campground is at the end of Arroyo Seco Road.

Must Do:  Get gorgeous.  Getting gorgeous is a term commonly used by the youth of this country to describe the active pursuit of jumping off cliffs into fresh, spring-fed river water. 

Must Eat/Drink: On this camping trip I pushed the boundaries of ethnic cuisine to produce the Senior Twister.  The Senior Twister is simply an open-flame char-grilled quesadilla featuring sharp cheddar, smothered in hot sauce, topped with a chicken and jalapeno sausage- all wrapped in a tortilla for your eating pleasure.

Nightlife: Campfire, cold beers and the ramblings of Ron the Campground Attendant.

Where to stay: On the softest piece of earth at the Arroyo Seco Campgrounds; I suggest a pine-needle, loose dirt blend for the best result.

Misc: This weekend we enjoyed the ease of staying within the campgrounds, but backcountry camping sites are available.  Next time I will surely head further up the gorge and enjoy the solitude.

Trip Budget:  

 – 1 1/2 tanks of gas = $75.00 (coming from San Francisco)

– Senior Twister supplies accompanied by regular human food = $60.00

– Campsite = $15.00/night at the “Primitive Camp”

– The finest Rebel Yell Whiskey from Trader Joes = $15.00

– Watching Scott’s dog Dodger rescue all the poor helpless sticks from the mild river rapids = priceless

TOTAL: $165

~Jeff  Howard

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One thought on “Weekly Adventure Guide: Arroyo Seco “A Place Where the Beer Flows Like Wine”

  1. Ken Z

    Dude (that’s native California speak), I REALLY hope you did the gorge there. This is a must do thing at AS. Hike up the fire road along the gorge until you reach the bridge that goes over the river, perhaps 4-5 miles up? Now, if you hike UP the river to the left in the river, you get to this waterfall that’s great. But the adventure is to come down through the river, with multiple mandatory swims, rock jumps, and great adventure. We almost drowned our friend’s dog on that bit though, so be careful. Strong swimmers only.

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