Healthy Competition


With competition there is always ego and hubris… competition gets in the way of work.” –Patrick Dempsey


McDreamy, you may be quite the convincing TV brain surgeon, but you would not last one second in public relations.

I’d say that one of our main strengths as a company is our competitive nature.  We are all athletes.  We will fight tooth and nail to get our clients the publicity they deserve.  Luckily, we tend to work with clients who, for the most part, are also all athletes.

We have a great working relationship with GU Energy.  They encourage creative collaboration, keep things fresh and are constantly pushing the envelope.   Because their office is located just over the Bay Bridge, we are able to keep a constant flow of interpersonal communication via lunches, Giants games, and BBQs galore.

We recently received a package from our friends at GU.  Enclosed were our identification badges for the upcoming Outdoor Retailer expo in Utah.  Attached to my badge was a note (in quite artsy handwriting, I might add) that read: “YOU GUYS ARE GOING DOWN AT THE OAKLAND RUNNING FESTIVAL…DOWN!”

You may be asking, “What is the Oakland Running Festival?”  Well, sillies, it’s only the greatest running festival in all of Oakland!

On March 27th, the OutsidePR Relay Race Team will be challenging GU Energy (and probably about 5,000 other competitors) to an elite footrace through the streets of Oakland!  It might be the only occasion in Oakland where running for your lives while surrounded by a torrent of police officers is not a life-threatening event.

Well, GU, guess what?  We have some tricks up our sleeves.

We’ve been known to run across the Rockies with piercing hangovers… voluntarily.  Two of us own pit bulls.  They are complete pushovers, but they still have the stigma which we will use to our advantage!  Boom!  One of us doesn’t shower for days.  She is ready to detrimentally intoxicate you with  her “tough-overworked-mom” scent.  Oh, and should we mention that you just stocked us with the new delicious Peach Tea Chomps?  Big mistake.  Huge.  Have you ever seen Scotty on caffeine?  It’s terrifying.  We may just feed him a pack!

GU-bers, we are ready to take YOU down at the Oakland Running Festival.  We’ve got the brawn and it’s quite evident that we are a little off our rockers. We are ready- bring it!


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