How we put the Merry in our Christmas

We have about 14 minutes until the entire Outdoor Industry shuts down their computers, turns off their lights and lock their office doors for the Holiday Season.   I’ll make this quick.

OutsidePR is pretty much in a constant state of annoyingly overwhelming happiness. Unless we didn’t get our clients in the latest Backpacker Magazine gear guide, we are generally very amicable folks. Just cruise through our blog posts, you’ll see…

This morning took the smile-scale to a whole new level. Scott and I are the only ones left in the office as … ahem… a few of us decided to book it to Steamboat for an early holiday celebration. So, we treated ourselves with some holiday cheer. Being the sole Floridian in the crowd, I have a habit of freezing my arse off on a daily basis. I wouldn’t say I am a complainer, but I think my coworkers (especially Scotty) got the hint.

Ta-Dahhhhhhhhhh! FROZEN NO MORE!!


Yeahhhhhh!  Slippersocks!  Even Dodger can’t resist but to check them out! Thanks Scott!  These are hotttaction!

Scott doesn’t complain -ever- so, sometimes its hard to figure out what he wants/needs/thinks would be equally hotttaction as my hotttaction slippersocks.

But then, it donned on me!  Recently, I started drinking kava.  For those of you who don’t know what kava is… Im not telling you because I want there to be more for me in this world.   Let’s just say, kava is the best stress reliever in the world.  And yes, I am fully aware of all the different ways of de-stressing one’s self.  Yes, ALL of them.

Kava still reigns supreme.

Every man needs a proper kava drinking utensil.  I couldn’t get all the way out to Vanuatu to get Scotty such a chalice, so instead, I opted for the ever-so-dependable Sports Basement.  As Scott is also an avid outdoorsman, it seemed fitting to make sure he had the proper drinkin’ tools for any outdoor endeavor.

I think he liked his new man-cup.

I’m sure he’ll even like it more after he fills it up with kava.

Or beer.

On that note, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!




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One thought on “How we put the Merry in our Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas!

    Love the slipper socks!

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