It’s official…I am a soccer Mom

Look out Victoria Beckham

I have fond memories of playing the AYSO soccer league as a kid.  My team was called the Red Devils and I played goalie and half back.  I played in High School too and loved the sport and the team camaraderie. 

My daughter, Emily, is 7 years old and a total girly girl.  She likes nothing physical, no sports and is more interested in designing the uniforms than the action on the field.

I was really looking forward to this fall when we signed up my 4 year old son, Walker, for U6 soccer.  9:00am on Saturdays can be early for our house of late sleepers.  But every Saturday since the season started, he gets up with enthusiasm and excitement, ready to play.  He puts on his Team Portugal uniform and shin guards with pride. 

Team Portugal is compromised of 4-6 year old boys and girls who, for the most part, did not know each other before they set foot on the field Saturday morning.  Walker is one of the youngest on the team but the same height as most.  This is his first experience with an organized sports team.  A few brave Dads act as their coaches and come prepared every week.

The first 40 minutes of the morning are practice and warm up. They do drills like Sharks and Minnows, Zap the Alien, and Crocodile Alley.  Basic dribble, soccer stops and kicking exercises to the rest of us.  The last part of the morning is a full on scrimmage. The group is split up into six teams for multiple games of three on three.  The games are a comedy routine with kids constantly tripping over themselves and teams scoring on their own goals.  There is some passing, not sure it is intentional, and the “experienced” athletes stand out during game time. 

At the end of the hour the team gathers for a cheer, high fives and snacks.  I know I have officially become a soccer Mom when I handed out dozens of oranges, which I painfully sliced earlier that morning.  But it was all worth it as I can still hear Walker saying over and over in the car ride home, “Did you see? I scored two goals.” 

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3 thoughts on “It’s official…I am a soccer Mom

  1. Love it, cute pic. All four of my girls play soccer so Saturdays are an all day event of the highlight of my week. 🙂

  2. outsidepr

    Thanks Erica!

  3. My daughter is a girly~girl too. Although she does indulge me in soccer and now basketball camp.
    Hummm? Do you think at 9 yrs old she has already figured out that sports is were the boys are?!? Maybe I better re-think this! 😉

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