OutsidePR turns 15 this October.  At my 15th birthday party, as I recall, I had a house party that got a little loose and the police made a surprise visit.  Oh the beauty of being a minor. 

Although we still love to take part in raucous keggers and howling at the moon, for this special birthday we’d like to get back to our roots.  I’ve been brainstorming a bit, but I could use some help from your brilliant minds.  If you could have a company outing (with superbly awesome coworkers), what would you like to do?

1. SUP paddle boarding in Bolinas

2. Paintballing

3. Hike to the beer gardens (yes we have German beer haus in the middle of our local Marin forest)

4. Bowling alley bonanza… where things could get weird

5. Other  (you have to bring something to the table here, folks.)

We are pumped.  Fistpumpin’ pumped.

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3 thoughts on “HBD OPR!

  1. I would have to vote for the hike 😉

  2. Kelly

    I want to go skiing!!!!!!

  3. I vote for bowling. I’m all in favor of things getting weird!

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