Blackberry Break

While fresh produce is tasty,  berries off the vine are nothing  short of delicious.

The sun finally broke through the fog over  San Francisco today, bringing a few fleeting moments of summer to our humble little office.  Being the sun-worshiping goddess that she is,  Devon abruptly proclaimed that it was time for a walk.  She grabbed an empty GU box and headed out the door with me hot on her trail.

The Presidio is a magnificent place to work.  A mix of palm, eucalyptus, and pine trees dot the perimeter around long sprawling greens marked with old time cannons and a smattering of converted military buildings.  Out quaint little officers home with white shingling and a red roof  is lined up in a neat row with a dozen or so identical structures, reminding of the long gone days of WWII preparation.  

We sauntered down the front steps , took to the sidewalk, and turned onto a nearby lane.  Suddenly Devon stopped at a large prickly bush at the side yard of one of the homes.  We had arrived in blackberry heaven! Immediately she hopped onto a stone wall adjacent to the bush and began busily picking. 

Only about a quarter of the berries were ripe, so we dug in tenaciously to find some good ones.  Twenty minutes later we had a few scratches, red fingers and big smiles.  It was only a meager score- but the juicy goodness did us well.  Straight PR power!

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3 thoughts on “Blackberry Break

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  2. Those look awesome! What a find!

    This weekend I found some wild black berries on a hike. They were awesome. Teeny tiny, but so flavorful!

    Nothing beats freshly picked berries. YUM.

  3. Ah….I miss fresh blackberries like that. Growing up we had two very large bushes in our yard that would be filled with berries. Summer would be filled with berry pies and (my favorite) frozen blackberries eaten straight from the freezer!

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