Late yesterday a large package was delivered to OPR while we were busily preparing for next weeks hectic line-up including: a SoCal Media Tour, the Fleet Feet Running Conference in San Diego, and the Bike PressCamp in Deer Valley, Utah. With deadlines bearing down on us, the box was shuffled off to the side until the scramble subsided.  Thankfully, when I came in this morning the box was opened and sunglasses flooded onto the floor. The newest shipment of Ryders Eyewear had arrived!

Although we are usually the ones playing santa claus with our clients gear- it is always exciting to dig through those incoming boxes to investigate and model a few of the new styles ourselves.  I am a sunglasses fanatic and will barely venture outdoors without a pair (or two) on my person.  That being said, I was giddy as anyone when I saw the contents of the box.  Ryders has added a bunch of new styles to their Chill line that will instantly up your hip-cred beyond your wildest dreams.

While I can’t unveil too much- we hope you enjoy these shots of the office Dingo rocking a new pair of Shreddies.

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One thought on “Ruff*Ryders

  1. nice pics and i can’t wait to see Ryders’ new products. I could never get my dog to sit still enough to wear glasses.

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