The Difficulties of PR

For all the mountains of client gear, apparel, food and schwag laying in hermetically sealed, bar-coded bins heaps in our office, we sometimes find ourselves in a pinch.  Today’s laugher comes at the expense of Scott, our intrepid young staffer.

We’re in the middle of planning a press trip to Boulder for three of us, with Scott heading on to New York City for his girlfriend’s graduation and his brother’s birthday.  Well, why not load up Scott with some media appointments, yeah?  Even better, let’s outfit him in client gear and dress to impress. 

The only problem?  We don’t have any men’s GoLite trousers on hand.  Thinking quickly, Scott rummages around and wanders back into my office saying, “It looks like these Womens’ Mediums might fit.”

We suggested a quick try-on — and good thing. 

NSFW (not safe for walking)

Yeah, the length was ok, but the fit wasn’t…optimal.  Let’s just say that things weren’t all fitting in the right places.  His voice went down several registers after he peeled them off and we’re draping him with a nice Stone Ranch Fleece Jacket instead.

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3 thoughts on “The Difficulties of PR

  1. Ouch, man. Way to take one for the team!

  2. Yea quite the squeeze- G got a good chuckle. I think that warrants push-ups for the whole office.

  3. outsidepr

    Oh Scott…. hahhha you are such a trooper.

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