SUGOI IN DA HOUSE. (Literally)

We have visitors!  Sugoi’s very own marketing and PR guru, “Francesca DuBois”,  has come down to San Francisco to spy on us work with us for a few days.

In the hours that we aren’t sharing our genius, we’ve been getting her drunk.

Devon, Gordon, Scott and Aimee

Devon, Gordon, Scott and Aimee

Personally, I have to say it has been great having a fellow female in the office.  I think a permanent externship is in order.

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2 thoughts on “SUGOI IN DA HOUSE. (Literally)

  1. Francesca DuBois

    Thank you for keeping my identity a secret by photoshopping some dark shadows into the photo (although you did name an “Aimee” in the caption… whaddupwitdat?)

  2. Kara

    MMMooooooo I want to be part of the lovely family drinking beer in that photo 🙂

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