The babes (and babies) of the outdoor industry

Last night, The North Face headquarters hosted the Bay Area OIWC (Outdoor Industry Women’s Coalition) Network Night.  I gathered with about 70 of my outdoor industry peers to schmooze, network and talk about the evening’s topic: Quality of Life Benefits.

Quality of life benefits are a core ingredient to our everyday lives.  Such benefits may include flexible hours, healthy work-life balance, pro deals, discounts, and opportunities for advancement.  Depending on the company, the list can go on and on.

In my case, the list DOES go on and on.

One of the beauties of working with such a small company is that the rules are not rigid.  Everything is situational, and “policies” are grounded in respect.  We work to our highest potential, and that means that we might work differently.  Sometimes, the height of my productivity is going to come at a late night coffee shop, diligently plugging away after a day spent trail running through the majestic Marin Headlands.  Sick days and health days are not limited.  I come to work because I want to, but no one is telling me that I have to be here.  Wherever I can find an internet connection, I can technically call it my office.

This morning, Gordon and I got on the topic of pregnancy.  No, I’m not pregnant, nor am I planning on becoming pregnant anytime soon.  But, as a female in my mid to late twenties (and with the way I can down tequila shots) it could happen.  And what if it did?  What is our maternity leave policy?  Up until this morning, we hadn’t really thought about it.  But, it was suggested that six months off –completely off- would be a good starting point.   My job will still be mine when I come back, and I’ll be kept on the payroll.

For reasons like this, the OIWC would have a field day with OutsidePR.  It is a mostly male company full of feminists.  It’s also an example of why I love this place.  Not only are we a bunch of hard-working and competitive gear heads, but we dig babies, too.

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2 thoughts on “The babes (and babies) of the outdoor industry

  1. Cindi Goodsell

    I regularly catch up with your blog and postings on FB and am becoming a huge fan of your agency and the great people you all seem to be. I love the way you think, the way you play and the way you regard your clients and the good work you do for them. I’ve been doing corporate PR for many moons, have been consulting on my own for 6 years from my home in the Oakland hills, and now I’ve worked it out so I can take the summer off for some R & R (er, well, really to hang with my 5 and 9 year old girls and train for another triathlon season, hardly something which can be considered restful, but certainly fulfilling). I am a sprint triathloner and an enthusiastic hip-hopper. But my new dream may be to work there someday… I’d like to think you might be looking for an incredible part-timer, consultant, or full-timer with flexibility in the future 🙂

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