Podium? Check. Check? Check

There are few World Championships in which I could credibly compete: World’s Ugliest Lawn, maybe.  Perhaps Gelande Quaffing (see previous post).  But I’m happy to report that not only did my teammate and I, Leslie Yates, compete in the Ride & Tie World Championships, we made the podium: third place in the All-Male Division.

More thrilling?  I got my first prize purse: $150 — cash money.  I’m going to invest it in laddered muni bonds, maybe some structured TIPS and some SPIDER funds, and in twenty years, I’m retiring on it.

The belt buckle I got for completing the course (race report to come soon) weighs more than I do, and will be mounted above my desk with stout metal brackets.  Sure, we finished in the bottom half of the field, but as burdened as I am right now with hardware, I am not complaining.

Flashing the Hardware

Flashing the Hardware

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One thought on “Podium? Check. Check? Check

  1. Brock Foreman

    Scrolling iPod to Queen: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS…

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