A Great Sport for All Ages

It arrived in a six ft box and sat on the porch for a week.  The box included; two poles, a yellow ball on a string, and a broken pump.  Apparently you need to pull back the nicely grown grass and attempt to dig an 18’ hole and then pour cement.  Tools are important accessories in this endeavor; a shovel, a post hole digger, a pick and a wheel barrow (whose tires are always low). Of course the dirt is hard and you can only dig a few inches so you start filling the hole with water and hope to dig “to China” (as the six year old watching said) the next day when the soil has softened.

Who knew setting up a tether ball pole was so difficult?  Tether ball is a great “sport” and perfect for all ages.  The three year old will play and you hope they won’t tie the string around their neck and the 43 year old will play with a cocktail in his hand.  But good thing the pole is securely in the ground!

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One thought on “A Great Sport for All Ages

  1. outsidepr

    I want to see a photo of MikeBlake, cocktail in hand, whacking his tetherballs.

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